I work for a posh newspaper and as a result lots of people are posh (not me i'm afraid) and wear very expensive clothes. Even most of the non-posh people wear very expensive clothes. My work clothes are mid-range (£200 suit, £25 shirt) which means my shirts have a button down cuff.

This seemingly innocuous concern creates the occasional stir among the more snob like colleagues of mine. The fact that my shirt sleeves fit without me having to fold them over 10 times and force a couple of uneccessarily expensive pieces of jewellery through the cuff is, apparently, not cricket!

Of course, to suggest that I could perform my mundane daily duties without the aid of a Thomas Pink twinset is preposterous.

It speaks volumes, I think, that out of work those who comment on my link-less daywear tend to dress like Richard Briers in 'The Good Life'.

I don't want a proper job anymore - They smell!

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