A great Kindercore band based in Athens, Georgia. Popular for their electronic work and their LP, "Out of the Loop" which was produced entirely on a laptop computer. Pretty impressive.

After the events on September 11, 2001, the band changed their name to I Am the..., although it is believed they will change it back to its original title eventually. The back of their LP shows a picture of the north tower hovering over the New York skyline.

Songs on their album include:

1. Metro (Brooklyn Mix)
2. Me To Be
3. Sounds So Crazy
4. Look Around You
5. Light Delay
6. Inside Your Head
7. Holland Tunnel
8. Flute Loops
9. Aurora Borealis
10. You Don't Even Know Her
11. September*
12. Move On
13. Analogous
14. Metro (Athens Mix)

*I find this title somewhat creepy.

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