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I believe in nothing.
Everything is true.

I believe in Everything.
Nothing is true.

The definitive statement on religious matters. From a Tom Robbins novel. You see, if a proposition is provably true, then you don't need belief to accept it.

Sorry to be anal here, but as this quote pretty much sums up my entire life outlook I felt the need to set things right. The correct quote is:

I believe in everything;
Nothing is sacred.

I believe in nothing;
Everything is sacred.

This conveys quite a different meaning to what StrawberryFrog has presented. I have always interpreted it as indicating the irrelevance of faith, and the folly in adhering to only one system of thought. These two comments at first seem to contrast, but upon further contemplation it becomes clear that they have the same message; that is, the generally accepted outlook that material posessions and rituals (things of the "real" world) are less conducive to enlightenment and happiness than beliefs and ideals (things of a more metaphysical nature) is not neccesarily true, and although these paths to happiness may be different the end result remains the same.

Incidentally, the quote is from Tom Robbins' novel Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, which is an EXCELLENT read. I thoroughly reccomend any of his works, however, as they are both entertaining and enlightening. One of those authors that can change your life without you realising it. Top marks.

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