The man steps out of the yellow cab and takes a quick look around nervously. He has done this a hundred times before, but never like this. The game is always dangerous, but this is ridiculous - what are they thinking?

Would it work? How could it possibly? No. That's enough. There is no choice for him, for to question his superiors - those shadowy characters who gave him his instructions - was to taunt death himself. No he must go ahead with the plan just like before. Now is not the time to doubt himself.

Into the airport he strides, looking for all the world like just another businessman on his way home. His briefcase is held lightly in his right hand, his ticket in his left as he approaches the customs checkpoint.

The man smiles as he sets his case down next to the scanner machine and walks through the metal detector. DON'T LET THEM SEE THE FEAR! He is making hollow conversation with a young female security officer when a voice behind him cuts him off mid-sentence:

"Excuse me sir..."
' "Would you mind opening the briefcase?"
' "Why, is there a problem?"
"Just open the case please sir..."

Hands slightly shaking, the man reaches down and dials in the correct combination. With a deep breath he lifts the lid of the case to reveal several bags of white powder.

The second security officer comes over and peers in. The man is resigned to failure and his imminent prison sentence when the first officer picks up one of the bags and turn it over to reveal a printed label...

I can't believe it's not Heroin!TM

"Oh, sorry about that sir but you can never be too careful...enjoy your flight!"

For a minute the man just stands there trying to grasp what has just occurred, then with a jolt he snaps the case shut, takes the case and walks down the ramp to the aircraft. Under his breath he mutters "God bless those marketing geniuses..."

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