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Nothing is stopping you, except a lack of will! And all those prepositions at the ends of your sentences.

This is how you should live your life: Wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and growl. I mean, really growl: Get down and get feral. Look yourself in the eye and say in a loud, clear voice: "I am fierce. I rule. I will drink your blood." Say it like you mean it. Keep on saying it until you mean it.

You can say that to people on the street, too, if there aren't any police officers around.

The important things are: First, to mean it; and second, to go out and justify it.

If you master this simple Megalomaniomatic (TM) Technique as advertised by Beyond Good and Evil Labs, you'll have a fighting chance at ending up like me: Your life will be an empty meaningless existential void precisely as it is now, but you'll have more money and you'll live someplace cool. Worse things could happen.

So drink your blood, dear. It makes you strong. And put two line-breaks at the end of each paragraph. It's much easier to read that way.

As I force one, two, three more drinks down my gullet
I know.....
I don't want this anymore

On the eve of my steps toward freedom "Round two"
I see that this glass will not make me happy

nor will she


or it

I don't think I should know


but an empty glass and a clean coffee table
will bring me closer

I want to free myself

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