So they were talking, two kids. The boy had a bit of a crush on the girl; the boy didn't know it, but the girl felt the same way. They were studying chemistry -- taught by the boring, 80-year-old man that also taught it to both of their fathers and mothers... They were going over a worksheet. It was multiple-choice, and they were making up questions as well as reading off the sheets.

"Okay… do you:
A. Like me
B. Hate me
C. Want to kill me
D. All of the above?"

The boy asked, with his slightly charming, semi-sarcastic tone that the girl found extremely nice to deal with. She could (and often did) sit there all day, drinking in his words. But she had a question to answer. She gave it a few moments' thought, and carefully replied. "I choose "D", all of the above."

The boy blushed and laughed, relieved. They finished their homework.

Yeah. Story of my life. Cept I never get around to asking that question. So this is more fiction... hmm, Wish Fiction?

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