we're gonna drive to the store in your Dart
we're gonna paint our nails black
we're gonna hang out behind the gas station with that tweaker guy,
Dale, who knows the words to all the G.G. Allin songs
we're gonna drive your Dart
all over this town.

we're gonna fire off your dad's gun in the mangy yard
we're gonna shoot bottle rockets at the neighbors' house
we're gonna go to Jessica's
(she moved out to a camper in the driveway)
we're gonna grow acid from moldy bread in her closet
we're gonna go see that hippie kid
and his pit-bull's gonna bite my hand while the deal is being dealt
so I'll wait and try not to move
we're gonna drive your Dart to the river
drink a case and wonder
what now?
I'll hold my breath and try not to move.

we're gonna drive your Dart to Tacoma
we're gonna give our money to a dealer outside the Subway
we're gonna throw rocks at his apartment for hours
you'll say I owe you $20
but I don't owe you
we're gonna drive your Dart to Eugene, park it on the side of the road
and go to sleep high.

we're gonna have a party
when Shaun gets out of jail
we're gonna buy an ounce
we're gonna sing
Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll
Ozzy Osbourne, birth control
We are stoners, we have class
Flip us shit we kick your ass!
Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll
Drink a fifth, smoke a bowl
For all you preps who think you're cool
Think again, cause stoners rule!
we're gonna drive your Dart to Denny's at 3 in the morning
and my mom's gonna pull up and chase me around the parking lot
and next time I see you
we're gonna be too old for this shit.

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