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This is a Bad Thing (TM). Especially since Purdue, my school, is *playing* in the thing. (Although i'm in here now, noding, instead of watching the blasted game.)

The last few weeks of school, however, were confusing. There was rose bowl propaganda everywhere; posters, tee-shirts, things for sale, you name it it was on campus. The first day it was all up... i was walking around with some of my equally anime-crazy (and football-ignorant) friends, we passed a large banner. Black. White writing. Red rose logo on it.

walk past.
exchange odd looks.
"why... why was there just a banner with the UTENA SIGNET on it?" (asked in various forms by like four people at once.)
walk back a few steps.
look at banner again.
"...oh... football... umm, nevermind...".

Repeat this process continually for the next few weeks.
Have this problem entirely exacerbated because anime club is SHOWING Utena.

See rose bowl logo on TV today.
Think "they're showing UTENA?? on TV??"
Realize once again it *is* just the bloody football game.
Wander off and node the confusion.

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