Last July, I was living and working in New York City as an all around Perl monkey. I didn't really have that many friends, so when somebody invited me to a party at Lotus, I went despite the fact that trendy people at these places generally dislike me.

So I am at this party, and I don't know anybody. A random person introduces me to another random person, until I unexpectedly meet Vera Wang, the clothing designer. The conversation winds towards a fashion show benefit for some Asian foundation that she is hosting. So here I am, being Asian, and pushing 5'10" in my stilettos with jeans hiding my chicken legs. And she asks me would I like to volunteer as a model? (Do I look like I would work for free? Hell yes=) I just had to show up at some preliminary trial..

A few days later, I sheepishly wander into the preliminary trial at a nondescript building on Seventh Avenue, and they (nondescript effeminate man and too-cool-for-me woman) fuss over me in the requisite manner, and out of the blue ask me to walk (Just.. walk? in a straight line?). So I walk, in what I consider a normal manner (Allow me to regress to 2 years ago when my mother, attending one of my tennis matches, told me that I ran like one leg was shorter than the MOTHER!). Their manner changes, and they say that they will call me... and of course they never do. I return to coding, and tell nobody of my experiences.

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