Well, I am not sure what I am doing. Up later then usual. My brother died two years ago. I miss him so much. He was on here a lot and had a lot of friends here. I think I was in South America when he met most of you. I wish I had never gone. After his death I learned of this site and I came and read a lot of things Adam wrote and a lot of the things that were written about him. Some words bothered me deeply and some made me happy. I haven't come back to this site till now. It seems that since his death several members of his family have logged on here and written a few things. I don't know what brought me to come here and read again. Maybe just cause I miss him. I really want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the nice words that have been written about my brother.

In the recent weeks I have been wondering a lot about the whole communicating with the other side thing more and more. Watched that show “CrossingOver” a coupled times. Well, I know absolutely nothing about it but I have heard the butterfly is a sign and this and that and some other stuff. Still not sure what’s what, but two days ago I was thinking about Adam a lot and started to cry, I kinda looked up and said to myself “ sure would like to see a butterfly right now.” Couple hours later I saw one. Mean anything?? Don’t know. But I liked it though.

Two years ago the family boarded a boat in Galveston to go out in the gulf and spread my brother’s ashes. Earlier today my mother and I went to the same pier. We stood there and talked for a while. We were dropping rose petals in the water. We dropped quite a few of them. Mosquitoes were really really bad out. Just as we finished dropping the rose petals in the water and were about to walk off the pier, a fish jumped right in front of us. Both of us saw it. I said “would ya look at that” and right in front us the fish jumped again. Mean anything?? Don’t know. But I sure do like it. Whether it’s a sign, or mere coincidence it helps me to believe that it’s my big brother still here with me. Cause I don’t want him to be gone anymore. Love you Adam.

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