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It was a job, OK? I mean, prior to the whole Japan gig, I was doing stunt work in Thailand, for below scale. Six years of run into mountains and splash in the bay-knock over the occasional fishing boat, big deal. When the studio guys from Tokyo flew down and put some serious money on the table, well, you didn't have to tell me twice. I was ready for some screen time, ya know?

Yes, a lot of city blocks were ruined, but don't blame me-I was just following the script. Blame the writers, not me. The page says: Knock down all power lines and burn up skyscraper , well, that's what I did. I've never been one to put on an attitude and have big "staying true to the character" arguments. Leave that to directors. My job was to show up, hit my marks, and get the heck out of the way. I'm no prima donna.

Was it fun? No, not really. Wrestling monsters-now THAT was fun. Tackling that big alien thing, trading punches with the monkey, yeah that was cool. The moth thing was kinda stupid, but those girls could sing, I'll say that. If it was up to me, I woulda spared the whole urban destruction thing and just gone a couple rounds with the beast of the week. But, hey, like I said, I was just doing my job. If I've got a bad rap, it's too late now. I've got my retirement and good residuals. It was a good run.

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