As politically incorrect as it may seem, one of the favourite passtimes for motorcyclists the world over is drinking beer. This is second only to their love of telling lies.

Whether it's standing around at a Garage Signing, in the parking lot at the local hangout or clubhouse, at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere, or just chatting on the internet - motorcyclists everywhere tell stories.

And, undoubtedly, these stories get exagerated, puffed up, or outright fabricated. The lay-person can usualy spot one of these stories by the key phrase "No shit! There I was."

The act of escalating the lies to come off as better than the next guy is refered to as bench racing. And usually have to do with going faster than you really were, holding wheelies longer than you really did, riding more recklessly than you really were, picking up on someone sexier than they really were (or having better success than you really did) and all of the other sorts of lies one might expect to hear in a locker room.

Common Lies My Biker Buddies Tell are:
Shafties Can't Wheelie
Shafties Can't Countersteer
Harley Riders Never Wave

While many of these lies resemble urban legends, they are a totaly difference class of story. By contrast, motorcyclist urban legends involve stories like how to beat a ticket by overpaying the fine.

All of the above should NEVER be confused with the true advice like: I get better service when I bring beer for my mechanic.

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