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The following is a very simple method to determine whether a number is divisible by zero! This easy trick works for any number, be it whole, irrational, fractional - hell, you can MAKE UP YOUR OWN TYPE of numbers and it will work!

First, take the number, and place a horizontal bar under it, with the number 0 below. This is generally called "dividing". Alternatively, you could place a forward slash (/) if you need to quickly represent the numbers. This is also called dividing.

Now you have the first step completed! Wasn't that easy? Next, contemplate the meaning of life for a few fleeting moments. This will help you in the next step, which is...

Writing down the answer. The answer varies from person to person, but is generally along the lines of "Cannot divide by zero", "ERROR", and, "(various scribble marks scratched on in close proximity to the problem, followed by deep hole caused by the effect given when a pencil is rammed through a piece of paper, harshly.)".

And there you have it! Division by zero made easy in just a few simple steps! To save even more time, you can cut directly to the last step!

Example Problem:

986,376,12º / 0

First, we take the number 986,376,12º and contemplate it for a while. Note that we aren't contemplating whether or not this is a number - that doesn't really matter. We're contemplating the proper way to touch the puppy.

After this, we stare at the problem some more, and try to weigh in hand that the number may in fact have feelings, and object to being existentially nullified. This, however, is generally not your concern, and you should complete the problem with the following:

986,376,12º / 0 does not equal € ergo the answer lies somewhere between ® and Ø.

And there you have it! Enjoy!

Note: This is a joke. I'm pretty sure that's obvious. But just in case. Do not attempt at home. Division by zero is DANGEROUS and in the state of Florida, ILLEGAL. You have been forewarned.

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