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Have you ever been so frustrated with your job that you ever wanted to march into your boss' office and yell "You can take this job and shove it!" (or, have the balls to complete it "...up your ass!") Of course most of you have at some point, with some job. It's probably one of the top fantasies of anybody in the work force.

Have you ever wanted to sauce it up, though, adding attitude while at the same time having it not necessarily directed right at your boss or right in front of him or her?

Mobile, Alabama radio personality Inetta "the Moodsetta" Boykin Hinton of WBLX-FM 92.9 did just that on Saturday, August 12, 2006, with a 21st century version of the fantasy, using the now-famous line "I quit this bitch!", a line that no doubt extended her fifteen minutes of fame to twenty or perhaps twenty-five.

On the air, live, Ms. Hinton announced her resignation with an impromptu statement complaining about her backstabbing coworkers and her chump change pay which was only $6 an hour with only one raise in the six years she'd worked there. And, again, she ended it with an assertive "I quit this bitch!"

It was live it was not edited (probably the dump button wouldn't have worked to eliminate an entire speech). According to the station's operations manager James Alexander, after her on-air resignation and setting up the next song, she just left.

On September 4, 2006, during an interview on the Bob Rivers radio show (102.5 KZOK in Seattle, Washington), she explained that she had been frustrated with the pay and coworkers being friendly to her face yet bad-mouthing her behind her back and that the following Monday they'd had a mandatory staff meeting so she decided to just quit on the air at the end of her next shift. She said that if she'd quit off the air she wouldn't have gotten a chance to say any goodbye to her fans. She also said that the pay raise they'd finally promised to give her was only $0.50 more!

The story has a happy ending, though. Afterwards she got many job offers, stations looking for saucy, entertaining DJs.

We can only assume that she took one of them.

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