There was one, the first one. First one as I remember it. Others might say different. I was there, though. Has to mean something that, that it was happening to me. More likely I'd know. More likely.

She had long brown hair that fell over a face all thin and pointy. She had eyes too. That was it, the eyes. I remember the eyes. One blue, one green. The green one shone, shone in the dark. Shone in the dim lights of a local train station late at night. The last train gone. Gone home.

And when we stood there. We were alone. When we stood there, that green eye shining. Talking moved the hair of her around. Moving the head slowly from side to side, just a little. Not unusual, others do that. Move their heads.

She told me that nothing worked and we did less. She told me that things needed talked of. And I nodded. She told me that one plus one was more than she and me. That we were made less by our sum. That it was wrong. Nodded.

Don't misunderstand. I wasn't silent, not all that. You've misread me there. Misread. I spoke in quiet mumbles. My head hung so the vibrations of my sound might not reach her through the still. Told her it was right. Felt right. Happy. Most of the time. Sometimes, no. Mostly.

Then she moved, walked away. Off toward the stairway and away from the light in the middle of this long, thin platform. I watched. Saw her walk. Away.

Stood there. Let her fade into the haze. Could hardly see the top half of her body as she passed down the stairs. Through the walkway. Through, on out into the street. In my head, walking down the street, passing the shops. Corner turned off Shaws Road. Away.

Then I moved. Straightened up. Left.

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