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When I was young I was always told that I was special. My mother would say "You're special, renster." Nobody else's mother told them that. I was special and it was fun!

On weekends I would husk corn! It was erotic, that corn... that silky corn. It felt good. I would like the sheeps as they looked at me. I liked their eyes. They would tell me stories. Their wool was greasy so I buried them up to their necks and poked them. Fish can't stay under water forever!

When I was special I could do t'rific things. I would dance on the roof and urinate on the minister when he came to visit my momma. I let crickets cling to my wrist and then I would feed them to the ants.

After a few years I had lots of specialness saved. And because no one ever spoke about their anus I thought it was mighty special that I had one! So now when I go to town I tell all the people that I have an anus. It's great to have so many friends that understand just how special I am!

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