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Zero per cent chance of rain, moon full 100 per cent visible.

The chains will last forever and are everywhere; the daisies are not.

Today is forecast to be NEARLY THE SAME...

(imagine that in lime green) as yesterday. Snow depth not available.

Spilled coffee on a pile of papers in front of keyboard,

saw that coming in slow motion.

Please consider whitelisting Weather Underground to support

your local weather...drenching rain from Thursday all night

into next morning (smell of rain checked off to-do list).

Together we make weather better. Wind carried me home, followed

me into my house and up the stairs while outside

Groundhog and her babies almost ate my one tomato plant,

bees working buzzy hard even on the Sabbath while AQI is 24.

Bike to work and keep the OZONE low. (Who wants headaches

or difficulty breathing ?) Sunday Full Moon Barbecue:

Roasted corn with chives, turkey burgers, red potatoes,

S'mores except we only have eleven marshmallows and

no chocolate bars in the cupboards. Must water the flowers

except Milkweed blossoming, Queen Anne's Lace, trumpet vine.

Small steps, still haven't scattered all of his ashes.


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