Though I am not a frequent dater:
(I am often nervous and uncool around ladies, uncomfortable, unsure)
-- (and this is the source of the problem, I'm quite sure) --
And though I am not a frequent dater, I have discovered the futility of it, and of my own ability to attempt to relate to any woman the proper amount of interest in parallel with the proper amount of

-- cool is about disinterest, is it not? cool is about outsmarting the evil overlords, playing mister unpenetrable, hello, I don't even care what you have to say, or who you have to say it to.

Though I am not a frequent dater, and have little to no experience with picking up women:
(I am too preoccupied with reading, writing, drawing, watching
movies, music, friends, fucking to go to bars or parties, and in
the rare occassions that i do, i am, as previously stated, nervous
and uncool, and normally quite hesitant to initiate conversation)

I have discovered the futility in it, being a man of average intelligence and who spends much time submersed in reading the words of other men of average intelligence who have discovered the futility in it, or are on their way down the avenue, I have come upon a solution, and while it is certainly not the most sexually gratifying position, and while it does create certain voids in the happy circumference of a sufficiently pleasurable life:
I want to be alone until God rips a rib out of my chest and makes me a woman.

Because, my friends, only then can we know that we're doing the right thing. Until then, let us all eat hotdogs, strum guitars (but what will we sing about?), and play parcheesi.

viva life!

dead, i know, but it's kind of good to get the pessimistic insanity out, you know? when something happens or you're swimming in disillusion? But good words, nonetheless, my friend.
yeah, you buy me a beer. and don't make fun of staying home with my dork! it is, as woody allen says, "sex with someone i love." and anyways, I have cats, too!

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