they had not told her that this was the way that things should be, or that she would not find love in a dark sheltered corner. she had not been thrown into life as most are.. everything is frightening, when nothing is so comfortable. but it isn't.. comfortable, nothing, she'd wanted to slip away from it for some time but could not find ways to fall into real world dreams. there were no words to remember what it felt like to wake up, might she have just slept forever, in the arms of familiarity and days that crept by with little or no consequence, were it not for them, for him.

it was not until she had seen little bits of universe, until there were others who had already done so, did she realize that she'd forgotten, or perhaps had never taken the chance. as she settled slowly and uncomfortably back into the nothing, she knew why it would no longer feed her dream filled head as it once had..

she was not sleeping, anymore.

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