Cassidy looked to the moon.

She was treading water. It was difficult to keep moving while standing still. Too much to think about. Too much to do.

She stood in the doorway and told him "goodbye." He didn't seem to be listening. He waved her off. She took that as her cue to deliver on the promise to finally leave him.


Without hesitation.

Well, there was some hesitation, but mostly there was none. There were a few things to consider, but this exit was long overdue.


Cassidy looked at her feet.

She had been walking for a long time. She was no longer treading water. She was moving forward. Destination was another question. It was a question she did not have an answer to.

She hesitated.

Only for an instant, and in that instant she woke up.

So much of all of this had been a dream, but now dreams were merging with reality and she was waking up to something new. There were colors across the sky. It was beginning to rain.

She watched it rain for longer than she had ever watched anything in her life. There was something magical about it, something she had never noticed before. The rain had a life of its own. It was a force and in the time it fell from the heavens until the time it burst into a collective upon the ground each drop of rain seemed to smile. Each drop smiled with a sense of purpose.

Cassidy looked at her hands.

There were things she could do with those hands. She had used them before. She could build things. She could create things. She could wave them in the air and watch them dance. Her hands could do anything.

She began walking again. She fell in love with the road. The way it met every step of her feet made it impossible not to.

Cassidy looked to the sky.

She was free. There was nothing to hold her back any longer. There was so much behind her, but there was even more ahead of her.

The sun shone upon her face. She could not help but smile. This moment would last forever.

Cassidy looked heavenward.

Heav"en*ward (?), a & adv.

Toward heaven.


© Webster 1913.

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