I'm waiting for the telephone to tell me I'm alive.



At certain points in our lives,  we try to make a distinction between existing and living.   We might decide to move away from the mundane and routine.    Is it enough, we ask ourselves?   Is this all there is ?    Sleep, drive, work,  drink, eat, sleep, etc.  Is adulthood the antithesis of joy?

One day we wake up and see a Fork in the road that was not there before.  (or more likely was there, but we missed it).  We have a choice- or choices.  Continue in the same direction-or not.   Start a new version of our life, or settle. 

When we grasp that we can, in fact, decide to do something else - it is both a huge moment and a big risk.   Freedom to make these types of changes is both exhilarating and terrible.   Failure outside of our comfort zone will feel terrifying. 

Because it is.  Because it is not safe.  That is the point. 








... signs that daylight's fading,  we leave just before it's gone

counting crows

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