Someone is just about to walk into your office and ask you if you can do something that is both interesting and important. Unfortunately, it is slightly less important than the boring thing you are working on right now. Don't you wish you had already finished?

I have this on a post-it note, stuck to my monitor at work. Strangely, it is quite motivating at times.

Stop wasting my time! You should be working a lot harder, making lots of money and advancing in life. When you're me again, you can sit back and enjoy yourself.

Every morning I have to peel a postIt note with this garbage off my monitor. The way he's going, I'll be damned if I continue working on that time machine!

7 Nov, 2017

5 minutes: "What I would tell my younger self"

Live in the now. Sure it is fine to set aside time to work for the future, but if you spend all your time suffering for the future, you will spend the majority of your life suffering.

The skills they teach you in school will not make you happy. Schools are controlled by the establishment, and they will teach you skills that will make the establishment happy. The things that will make you happy will have to be learned on your own time, by your own initiative, without supervision by anyone serving the establishment.

You will not find yourself living someone else's story or trying to follow someone else's footsteps. At best, you would only achieve what they achieve but discover it was not what you actually wanted.

Your path has to be your own, no matter what others try to tell you.

Put all your money in time travel stocks.

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