I am twenty-one years old and I just got off the phone with a Fidelity Mutual representative because I had to allocate funds into a couple aggressive growth accounts for my 403b and request written confirmation. I realized, in doing so, a couple things:
  • I just did something and I don't know what I did.
  • I should be drinking a beer in the sun right now.
  • I will not live to see the invent of time machines.

Because right now I'm twenty-one years old and a Corporate Dropout, but when I'm 59 I'll have (calculated as an estimation) $17 million dollars from this 403b retirement account, and if time machines existed, I would have lined the pockets of my dirty, baggy pants with crisp 2040 AD $1000 bills by now.

And, being a huge fan of the Back to the Future series, this comes as a hugely disappointing realization to me.

I just feel required to relate to any of you other daydreaming techheads that the fact that you are poor and bored right now is a clear sign that either time machines will never be invented, or that you'll certainly be dead, or at least too poor and unimportant, to use them when they are.

And I was really looking forward to plugging in my flux capacitor. Sigh.

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