when still her eyes held water she looked up,
into the blue sky and the clouds and
felt their spray and the eddies which
keep you up there, if you're light enough.

vapor clings to your skin and
the slight chill holds you to reality,
while over your shoulder the air caresses
the silver cord, gently (while you aren't looking)
washing out your mind.

it can be too much for someone to dissolve and form again,
and as her tear fell she evaporated, coming off the ground as steam
and up into the atmosphere where she joined a thousand clouds as fragments---
but did not stay forever (nothing is forever) and
came back down to drip on hair and shoulders
and into the lives of the earthbound.

she reminds us that in the end we all go up,
because the sky has room for us and more than we can ever make.

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