When purple tinged tulips fade
when turtles hide under duckweed deep
when day is cold and night colder
when one moon is enough for us all

when sorrows come, they come
not single spies, but in battalions

Still the beating brave heart
still the crazed and cunning dreams
still the words that wrap round and round
still the bond between us unbroken

still conclusion, shall acquire
no honour demuring upon me

Her last laugh lingers up the stairs
her blue dresses hang alone in a closet
her friends may have forsaken her
her coats are never warm enough

her after you have possessed her

Eyes blink rapidly at bright lights
eyes show no longer any soul inside
eyes closed like everyone else sleeping
eyes shift from blue to green to blue

eyes of drops that sacred
pity hath engendered

Held onto this museum of goodbyes
held a hairbrush with worn wooden handle
held onto life for the sake of others
held a piece of blue glass up to the sun

held to fools, does make our faith
mere folly

Water becomes both hot and cold
water clear and muddish brown
water loses meaning in the translation
water me with your thin version of rain

water this sorrow

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