"Am I intruding?" It took a few moments to respond. I was trying to read the words on her t-shirt.

"Not sure if anything would really constitute an intrusion at this point." Surrounded by the thick volumes and the columns of rumination that made up the bulk of the study assigned to me by the company, it would have been quite sad if I could not allow myself the momentary distraction.

"Do you mind?" she asked as she stretched herself across the chart I had just spread across the large desk. I didn't really, but it always seemed to annoy me when she wore pink flip-flops with white shorts.

"It isn't easy to mind." She turned on her side and looked at me, but she wasn't trying to look at me. I wasn't sure why.


"I don't mind at all." She rolled over on her back and pointed her knees towards the sky. She held them unusually close together.

"There is only so long we can keep this a secret, you know."

"That is exactly why we do it." I heard her whisper, but she wasn't whispering to me.

"And when it is no longer a secret?"

"Then we have to decide if it matters any longer." She wore only one flip-flop now.

"What if one day we no longer remember?"

"Then there is always the chance it never actually happened at all."

And when your bearings are gone
How far will you be from the place
Where you most often began
And if even the place is gone
Will you remember it at all
And if your memory should fail
Will the defect be with you or
With where it most often began

When she wasn't there any longer I was left with most of these words. I wrote the rest of them myself.

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