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I'm 22 and I feel like I haven't aged a day since 8 years old. I am still at this moment begging my parents (now divorced for 8 years) for a kitten. Begging them for the kitten whose eyes are the same shade of green as mine and who's sleeping beside me a full-grown cat right this very moment. The beautiful feline, whose unique shading always drew admiring comments from everyone from veterinary staff to the neighbors, who is sleeping in utter oblivion to the fact that I have agreed to her death.

Three days from now, on Friday morning, the friend I have had longest in life, the friend who has without question been there for me and comforted me, will die by the needle like a common criminal. Her fur will undoubtably be wet with my tears. My face will be that awful mask which is the result of days of desperately avoiding tears and routinely failing miserably. I cannot stop this and it is necessary and it is for the best.

Please, through my tears I beg each and every one of you pet owners out there. Spoil your baby for me. Take your dog for an extra long walk and give him a real piece of bacon just this once. Let your cat feast on tuna and milk tonight instead of that nasty dry processed crap. Save the rabbit from your children for a whole day of peace. Let your bird fly around to its heart's content.

Because I learned today that it's impossible to say goodbye. The only thing you can do is make each and every hello or moment a memory so that if your time comes to this end (and it will, although you may not have to make my decision, ends are inevitable) you have plenty of mental snapshots to protect and comfort you.

In dedication to my cherished cat. I love you, Frisky.

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