Soft slipping into the cool night fingers
moon tendrils tasting our flesh and chilling
these soul beasts, trapped in cages of bone.

We listen in the dark for morning sounds
our backs pressed close, our palms flat against the earth
drinking in the lingering warmth of yesterday's sun.

It is the silence and these racing thoughts,
I imagine myself standing and walking around the world
just to find you here, still
with your sunken eyes and a sullen stare.

I breathe slowly, nervous fingertips unsettling the loose soil.

Your voice rips through the violet-blue air
disrupting the breeze and the insidious swaying of decaying leaves.
You are asking if this is a place that I could die.
I tell you not to think about it anymore -
that we'll only need a small death, tonight.

A few hours of sleep and we will survive.

Sleep+by+my+side+for+a+night, T
Time has come←be walk-able ,a ,perpetual twilight of
daynight ,a , low sig fig ticking madly faster than comprehension.

very T i move to speak ,   , it is to-morrow
&you+are+cold+and+so+beautiful that i am struck dumb+lame
but instead of collapsing as i once did, ,_____________

Never did perfections+like+you,+and+monsters+like+me meet
(eyes|or|otherwise)but amidst the penlines of children's fantasies;
they called me Vampire , yet ,You are the Damned.

Difficult ,these days ,to come to the world—&
find You, by my side Watching the wind in the grass Y
Y me←sez "you+look+sane,+motionless+like+that" a

and i forget+to+feel+alone ,these dayssince i fill space diff-erently;
not so small ,You see ,i am the sky now,,too
and+i+rock+myself+to+sleep to the sound of Foucault snoring.

were it not for what i Saved ,
i would not be tortured by Your fine+winding+tendrils

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