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"For designers who do want to go down the 'if trousers, why not underwear?' road, Denis Moskowitz's library extension "clothing.h" models clothing by layer and by area of body covered. For players who also want to, the road to take is 'I-0', by Adam Cadre."
- Graham Nelson, Inform Designers Manual, Fourth Edition1

For an author whose work is often disturbing2, "I-0" or "Interstate Zero: Jailbait on the Interstate" is a surprisingly lighthearted piece of interactive fiction. The plot is simple, and open-ended: You are Tracy Valencia, a seventeen-year-old undergraduate student, and you are trying to get home for Thanksgiving. While the game is not puzzleless, the puzzles are thoroughly integrated into the plotline and are generally very intuitive.

"I-0" does have a moderate amount of sexual content, but if you were not offended by Leather Goddess of Phebos, you're unlikely to be offended by "I-0".

"I-0" won the 1997 Xyzzy award for Best Individual PC and Best Game.

1.) Available at http://www.inform-fiction.org/manual/download_dm4.html, among other places.

2.) See, for example, Shrapnel, or Varicella.

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