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IHUG - Internet Home User Group.

The second-largest ISP in New Zealand with an active user-base of approximately 100,000 customers. Based in Auckland, New Zealand it has been in existence since 1994. Run by two brothers - Nick and Tim Wood - with the financial help of their father John - it is considered one of the more user-friendly ISPs in the country.

IHUG has assimilated a few other companies since it's inception. Specifically ES-net (a small South Island ISP), InterWeb (becoming it's Point Of Presence in Adelaide) and a few others.

IHUG provide 56k dial-up modem connections to the whole country and also to a few cities in Australia, namely Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Wollongong. IHUG also caters for residential and business customers that require faster connections so are also able to provide DDS, ADSL, ISDN, fibre-optic (Wellington only), and high-speed satellite internet access.

Another source of revenue comes from wholesale satellite bandwidth to ISPs in Australia and an alternative toll-carrier to New Zealand's main telephone companies Telecom, Clear, and Saturn.

IHUG also has a 51% share of controlling interest in Video Ezy, a New Zealand-wide video rental chain.

You can find their homepage at http://www.ihug.co.nz or http://www.ihug.com.au.

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