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Digital Data Storage. A helical scan tape media format for data. Uses the same mechanism as DAT, albeit with different tape compositions. DDS-1 media stores 2GB per tape, while DDS-2 media stores 4GB and DDS-3 stores 8GB. All next-generation standards retain backwards compatability with the previous ones. Note that DATADAT is not considered to be part of the DDS family and is not readable by most DDS tape devices.

Direct Data Stream. A transmission method for connecting to the Internet.

Using serial connections to the telco-run fiber optic DDS network from POP to POP, you can get bandwidth aggregated up to 2Mbps. The standard connection method is available in a variety of end point connectors (RJ45 etc) and is unique in so far as it doesn't require a large scale MTU to terminate the connection to the exchange Router. The limitation for this cost saving attribute is the maximum distance of your Router from the exchange - at last hearing was only about 1.2Km.

Similar in some ways to Frame Relay, although it does not offer the "burst" capabilities of Frame, and thus is more suited to dedicated (fixed) bandwidth or redundant connections.

In Australia, specifically Sydney, Telstra offer a world-class DDS service for a moderately significant fraction of the cost of Frame Relay.

Doctor of Dental Science
Doctor of Dental Surgery;
the degree after your Dentist's name.

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