The below is a cut and paste from Appendix F Evan Kirshenbaum's February 22, 2001 version of his Representing IPA phonetics in ASCII. gn0sis transcribed an earlier version of the document, which did not have this section, and had a different Appendix F.

I found it helpful, even necessary, to make sense out of the rest of that document.

This table is based on the “Guide to Pronunciation” in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

 ASCII/IPA    Representative words (per MWCD)
   Symbol     American pronunciation unless stated otherwise
      @     banana, collide, abut, humdrum
      n-    signifies that the following consonant is syllabic, as in battle,
            cotton, one pronunciation of open and of and.
      R     operation, further, urger
      &     mat, map, mad, gag, snap, patch
      eI    day, fade, date, aorta, drape, cape
      A     bother, cot, and, with most American speakers, father, cart
      A.    father as pronounced by speakers who do not rhyme it with bother
      aU    now, loud, out
      b     baby, rib
      tS    chin, nature
      d     did,adder
      E     bet, bed, peck
      i     beat, nosebleed, evenly, easy, mealy
      f     fifty, cuff
      g     go, big, gift
      h     hat, ahead
      hw    whale as pronounced by those who do not have the same
            pronunciation for both whale and wail.
      I     tip, banish, active
      aI    site, side, buy, tripe
      dZ    job, gem, edge, join, judge
      k     kin, cook, ache
      X     German Buch, one pronunciation of English loch
      C     German ich
      l     lily, pool
      m     murmer, dim, nymph
      n     no, own
      o~    indicates that a preceding vowel or diphthong is pronounced with
            the nasal passages open as in the french un bon vin blanc
      N     sing, singer, finger, ink
      oU    bone, know, beau
      O     saw, all, gnaw, caught
      W     French boeuf, German Hölle
      Y     French feu, German Höhle
      OI    coin, destroy
      p     pepper, lip
      r     red, rarity, car
      s     source, less
      S     shy, mission, machine, special
      t     tie, attack, late, later, latter
      T     thin, ether
      D     then, either
      u     rule, youth
      ju    youth, union, few
      U     pull, wood, book
      I.    German füllen, hübsch
      y     French rue, German fühlen
      v     vivid, invite
      w     we, away
      j     yard, young
      t;    modifies the preceding sound to make it more “y-ish”
      z     zone, raise
      Z     vision, azure

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