Acronym for Individual Savings Accounts.

British residents can invest money in the scheme and not be liable for income or capital gains tax.

There are two types: mini ISA and maxi ISA.

A method of class UNIVERSAL (which see for notes on availability and use; basically it works for any object). $x->isa('XYZ') checks if $x is-a XYZ (taking inheritance into account, of course). isa returns a boolean value.

As an instruction set architecture, a particular ISA generally defines a platform of cross-compatible microprocessors. PowerPC, x86, ARM, 680x0, and 6800 are some of the most popular ISAs today.

An ISA cannot be deemed RISC or CISC by the number of instructions it has. To count instructions, one normally looks at a list of assembly language mnemonics. However, the assignment of names to opcodes is arbitrary. One can always reduce the number of mnemonics by reassigning opcode bits to be parameters, or by having lots of complex operand forms and addressing modes a la 680x0 assembly language.

The definition of RISC is subjective and open to opinion, but thorough analyses of the ISA and the microarchitectures that use it are necessary before applying any label.

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