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The 8-bit ISO character set for the Cyrillic alphabet. ISO-8859-5 can be used with many Eastern European languages such as Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and Macedonian. It can be used with Ukrainian as well, though it is not ideal since it lacks the Ukrainian variant of ghe with an upturn. ISO-8859-5 is not heavily used in practice -- KOI8 and Windows-1251 are much more widespread.

The lower 128 entries are the same as the ASCII and ISO 8859-1 character sets. The top 128 entries contain the Cyrillic characters. The standard 32-letter Cyrillic alphabet starts with the uppercase letters at entry 176 (0xB0) and the lowercase letters at 208 (0xD0). Entries 160 through 175 (0xA0-0xAF) and 240 through 255 (0xF0-0xFF) contain Cyrillic extensions plus some miscellaneous symbols.

The Cyrillic characters are:
hex   dec    description
0xA0  160    no-break space
0xA1  161  Ё  uppercase io
0xA2  162  Ђ  uppercase dje
0xA3  163  Ѓ  uppercase gje
0xA4  164  Є  uppercase Ukrainian ie
0xA5  165  Ѕ  uppercase dze
0xA6  166  І  uppercase Ukrainian/Belorussian i
0xA7  167  Ї  uppercase yi
0xA8  168  Ј  uppercase je
0xA9  169  Љ  uppercase ije
0xAA  170  Њ  uppercase nje
0xAB  171  Ћ  uppercase tshe
0xAC  172  Ќ  uppercase kje
0xAD  173  ­  soft hyphen
0xAE  174  Ў  uppercase short u
0xAF  175  Џ  uppercase dzhe
0xB0  176  А  uppercase a
0xB1  177  Б  uppercase b
0xB2  178  В  uppercase ve
0xB3  179  Г  uppercase ghe
0xB4  180  Д  uppercase de
0xB5  181  Е  uppercase ie
0xB6  182  Ж  uppercase zhe
0xB7  183  З  uppercase ze
0xB8  184  И  uppercase i
0xB9  185  Й  uppercase short i
0xBA  186  К  uppercase ka
0xBB  187  Л  uppercase el
0xBC  188  М  uppercase em
0xBD  189  Н  uppercase en
0xBE  190  О  uppercase o
0xBF  191  П  uppercase pe
0xC0  192  Р  uppercase er
0xC1  193  С  uppercase es
0xC2  194  Т  uppercase te
0xC3  195  У  uppercase u
0xC4  196  Ф  uppercase ef
0xC5  197  Х  uppercase ha
0xC6  198  Ц  uppercase tse
0xC7  199  Ч  uppercase che
0xC8  200  Ш  uppercase sha
0xC9  201  Щ  uppercase shcha
0xCA  202  Ъ  uppercase hard sign
0xCB  203  Ы  uppercase yeru
0xCC  204  Ь  uppercase soft sign
0xCD  205  Э  uppercase e
0xCE  206  Ю  uppercase yu
0xCF  207  Я  uppercase ya
0xD0  208  а  lowercase a
0xD1  209  б  lowercase b
0xD2  210  в  lowercase ve
0xD3  211  г  lowercase ghe
0xD4  212  д  lowercase de
0xD5  213  е  lowercase ie
0xD6  214  ж  lowercase zhe
0xD7  215  з  lowercase ze
0xD8  216  и  lowercase i
0xD9  217  й  lowercase short i
0xDA  218  к  lowercase ka
0xDB  219  л  lowercase el
0xDC  220  м  lowercase em
0xDD  221  н  lowercase en
0xDE  222  о  lowercase o
0xDF  223  п  lowercase pe
0xE0  224  р  lowercase er
0xE1  225  с  lowercase es
0xE2  226  т  lowercase te
0xE3  227  у  lowercase u
0xE4  228  ф  lowercase ef
0xE5  229  х  lowercase ha
0xE6  230  ц  lowercase tse
0xE7  231  ч  lowercase che
0xE8  232  ш  lowercase sha
0xE9  233  щ  lowercase shcha
0xEA  234  ъ  lowercase hard sign
0xEB  235  ы  lowercase yeru
0xEC  236  ь  lowercase soft sign
0xED  237  э  lowercase e
0xEE  238  ю  lowercase yu
0xEF  239  я  lowercase ya
0xF0  240  №  numero sign
0xF1  241  ё  lowercase io
0xF2  242  ђ  lowercase dje
0xF3  243  ѓ  lowercase gje
0xF4  244  є  lowercase Ukrainian ie
0xF5  245  ѕ  lowercase dze
0xF6  246  і  lowercase Ukrainian/Belorussian i
0xF7  247  ї  lowercase yi
0xF8  248  ј  lowercase je
0xF9  249  љ  lowercase ije
0xFA  250  њ  lowercase nje
0xFB  251  ћ  lowercase tshe
0xFC  252  ќ  lowercase kje
0xFD  253  §  section sign
0xFE  254  ў  lowercase short u
0xFF  255  џ  lowercase dzhe
ISO 8859-5, which does not have a Latin-X equivilent, is an ISO 8859 variant for use with Cyrillic languages.

ISO 8859-4 <-- ISO 8859-5 --> ISO 8859-6

ISO 8859-5 supports Bulgarian (bg), Byelorussian (be), Macedonian (mk), Russian (ru), Serbian (sr) and pre-1990 (no ghe with upturn) Ukrainian (uk).

As with all of the ISO 8859 Character Sets, the first 160 characters (the 128 7-bit characters plus the first 32 control characters with the high bit set) are identical to ISO 8859-1 or Latin-1. Thus, I will only list the 94 characters different from ISO 8859-1.

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The ISO 8859-5 code in Octal
  2. The ISO 8859-5 code in Decimal
  3. The ISO 8859-5 code in Hexidecimal
  4. The Unicode code for the character
  5. The character in question
  6. The Unicode name for the character

0241  161  0xa1 U+0401  Ё  Cyrillic capital letter io
0242  162  0xa2 U+0402  Ђ  Cyrillic capital letter dje
0243  163  0xa3 U+0403  Ѓ  Cyrillic capital letter gje
0244  164  0xa4 U+0404  Є  Cyrillic capital letter ukrainian ie
0245  165  0xa5 U+0405  Ѕ  Cyrillic capital letter dze
0246  166  0xa6 U+0406  І  Cyrillic capital letter byelorussian ukrainian I
0247  167  0xa7 U+0407  Ї  Cyrillic capital letter yi
0250  168  0xa8 U+0408  Ј  Cyrillic capital letter je
0251  169  0xa9 U+0409  Љ  Cyrillic capital letter lje
0252  170  0xaa U+040A  Њ  Cyrillic capital letter nje
0253  171  0xab U+040B  Ћ  Cyrillic capital letter tshe
0254  172  0xac U+040C  Ќ  Cyrillic capital letter kje
0256  174  0xae U+040E  Ў  Cyrillic capital letter short U
0257  175  0xaf U+040F  Џ  Cyrillic capital letter dzhe
0260  176  0xb0 U+0410  А  Cyrillic capital letter A
0261  177  0xb1 U+0411  Б  Cyrillic capital letter be
0262  178  0xb2 U+0412  В  Cyrillic capital letter ve
0263  179  0xb3 U+0413  Г  Cyrillic capital letter ghe
0264  180  0xb4 U+0414  Д  Cyrillic capital letter de
0265  181  0xb5 U+0415  Е  Cyrillic capital letter ie
0266  182  0xb6 U+0416  Ж  Cyrillic capital letter zhe
0267  183  0xb7 U+0417  З  Cyrillic capital letter ze
0270  184  0xb8 U+0418  И  Cyrillic capital letter I
0271  185  0xb9 U+0419  Й  Cyrillic capital letter short I
0272  186  0xba U+041A  К  Cyrillic capital letter ka
0273  187  0xbb U+041B  Л  Cyrillic capital letter el
0274  188  0xbc U+041C  М  Cyrillic capital letter em
0275  189  0xbd U+041D  Н  Cyrillic capital letter en
0276  190  0xbe U+041E  О  Cyrillic capital letter O
0277  191  0xbf U+041F  П  Cyrillic capital letter pe
0300  192  0xc0 U+0420  Р  Cyrillic capital letter er
0301  193  0xc1 U+0421  С  Cyrillic capital letter es
0302  194  0xc2 U+0422  Т  Cyrillic capital letter te
0303  195  0xc3 U+0423  У  Cyrillic capital letter U
0304  196  0xc4 U+0424  Ф  Cyrillic capital letter ef
0305  197  0xc5 U+0425  Х  Cyrillic capital letter ha
0306  198  0xc6 U+0426  Ц  Cyrillic capital letter tse
0307  199  0xc7 U+0427  Ч  Cyrillic capital letter che
0310  200  0xc8 U+0428  Ш  Cyrillic capital letter sha
0311  201  0xc9 U+0429  Щ  Cyrillic capital letter shcha
0312  202  0xca U+042A  Ъ  Cyrillic capital letter hard sign
0313  203  0xcb U+042B  Ы  Cyrillic capital letter yeru
0314  204  0xcc U+042C  Ь  Cyrillic capital letter soft sign
0315  205  0xcd U+042D  Э  Cyrillic capital letter E
0316  206  0xce U+042E  Ю  Cyrillic capital letter yu
0317  207  0xcf U+042F  Я  Cyrillic capital letter ya
0320  208  0xd0 U+0430  а  Cyrillic small letter A
0321  209  0xd1 U+0431  б  Cyrillic small letter be
0322  210  0xd2 U+0432  в  Cyrillic small letter ve
0323  211  0xd3 U+0433  г  Cyrillic small letter ghe
0324  212  0xd4 U+0434  д  Cyrillic small letter de
0325  213  0xd5 U+0435  е  Cyrillic small letter ie
0326  214  0xd6 U+0436  ж  Cyrillic small letter zhe
0327  215  0xd7 U+0437  з  Cyrillic small letter ze
0330  216  0xd8 U+0438  и  Cyrillic small letter I
0331  217  0xd9 U+0439  й  Cyrillic small letter short I
0332  218  0xda U+043A  к  Cyrillic small letter ka
0333  219  0xdb U+043B  л  Cyrillic small letter el
0334  220  0xdc U+043C  м  Cyrillic small letter em
0335  221  0xdd U+043D  н  Cyrillic small letter en
0336  222  0xde U+043E  о  Cyrillic small letter O
0337  223  0xdf U+043F  п  Cyrillic small letter pe
0340  224  0xe0 U+0440  р  Cyrillic small letter er
0341  225  0xe1 U+0441  с  Cyrillic small letter es
0342  226  0xe2 U+0442  т  Cyrillic small letter te
0343  227  0xe3 U+0443  у  Cyrillic small letter U
0344  228  0xe4 U+0444  ф  Cyrillic small letter ef
0345  229  0xe5 U+0445  х  Cyrillic small letter ha
0346  230  0xe6 U+0446  ц  Cyrillic small letter tse
0347  231  0xe7 U+0447  ч  Cyrillic small letter che
0350  232  0xe8 U+0448  ш  Cyrillic small letter sha
0351  233  0xe9 U+0449  щ  Cyrillic small letter shcha
0352  234  0xea U+044A  ъ  Cyrillic small letter hard sign
0353  235  0xeb U+044B  ы  Cyrillic small letter yeru
0354  236  0xec U+044C  ь  Cyrillic small letter soft sign
0355  237  0xed U+044D  э  Cyrillic small letter E
0356  238  0xee U+044E  ю  Cyrillic small letter yu
0357  239  0xef U+044F  я  Cyrillic small letter ya
0360  240  0xf0 U+2116    numero sign
0361  241  0xf1 U+0451  ё  Cyrillic small letter io
0362  242  0xf2 U+0452  ђ  Cyrillic small letter dje
0363  243  0xf3 U+0453  ѓ  Cyrillic small letter gje
0364  244  0xf4 U+0454  є  Cyrillic small letter ukrainian ie
0365  245  0xf5 U+0455  ѕ  Cyrillic small letter dze
0366  246  0xf6 U+0456  і  Cyrillic small letter byelorussian ukrainian I
0367  247  0xf7 U+0457  ї  Cyrillic small letter yi
0370  248  0xf8 U+0458  ј  Cyrillic small letter je
0371  249  0xf9 U+0459  љ  Cyrillic small letter lje
0372  250  0xfa U+045A  њ  Cyrillic small letter nje
0373  251  0xfb U+045B  ћ  Cyrillic small letter tshe
0374  252  0xfc U+045C  ќ  Cyrillic small letter kje
0375  253  0xfd U+00A7  §  section sign &sect;
0376  254  0xfe U+045E  ў  Cyrillic small letter short U
0377  255  0xff U+045F  џ  Cyrillic small letter dzhe

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