Ids Postma (1973) Dutch speed skater

Frisian Ids Postma was born on December 28, 1973 as son of a farmer. As a kid, Postma practiced judo and kaatsen but his talent in ice speed skating was clear immediately. At the age of 15, he entered the national Junior Championships, but he failed to win for years.

Postma won his first Dutch Junior Championships Allround in 1993 in Heerenveen. Since Dutch champions usually are among the best in the world, it was hardly a surprise the Frisian speed skater ended second in the World Junior Championships in Baselga, Italy. He then entered the Senior championships. Postma impressed everyone at once by becoming Dutch champion on his debut in The Hague in 1994 and reaching silver during the World Championships in Göteborg, Sweden.

Since then, he became European Champion once (1997) and World Champion twice (1997 and 1998). The silent Frisian also was victorious at the World Championships Distances at 5,000 meters and 1,500 meters. His biggest achievement however took place in 1998. The Winter Olympics in Nagano resulted in a gold medal on the 1,000 meter sprint. He surprised the whole traditional sprint elite with his 1:10.64, an Olympic record.

Engineer Postma currently is 11th on the Adelskalendern, the all-time speed skating ranking. He would have been higher if his 10,000 meters (the longest distance in speed skating) were better. It doesn't worry Postma, who is known for his sober and sometimes moody character. Surprisingly, his girlfriend until recently was German speed skating champion Anni Friesinger, one of the most spontaneous people in the circuit. Opposites attract.

Some quotes, expressing his character:

As long as you don't reach what you want to reach, you are insecure. That goes for me too. (1998)
All that bullshit about peaking and scheduling, I think it's nonsense. If you really want it, you can go fast all season, from November to February. (2001)
Second place is still better than nothing. (2001)
Engineer... well, a title. I prefer being world champion, although obviously you don't put that on your business card (2000, after graduating)
When I get home, I'm glad I don't have to watch television all night. I rather watch the cows. (2000)
Of course there are things I don't like about myself. But I don't have to change me. You are as you are.
If I had to choose tomorrow, then I would know the answer. I'd choose for my future as a farmer. (1999)
It's nicer to dream about what you would do with a couple of million bucks that actually owning it.
Winning is great, but battling is the best. (2000)

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