God, my head itches.
Why am I still in bed?
What if I got out?
Where is Jenny? I need something to eat. I'm starving.

I give her a roof, and she can't even get me a proper breakfast. I'm sick of the eggs. I bet that Steven boy would leave her if that's all she cooked him. I wonder if she is there now.

Here she is, thank god.

"Hi mom, you ok?"
"My head itches and I'm filthy, can you help me change?"
"That's nice mom. Here's your eggs, just how you like them."
"Eggs goddamn eggs!"

She didn't seem to hear me. Is she even listening? She's looking at me funny. I can't tell if it is pity or spite.

And with that, she left. I am alone again.

I'm getting cold. Better pull up the covers so I don't get worse.
I wonder what time it is.
Why is the sun so bright. Maybe my eyes are going.
Geez, it's cold.

I need to go to the bathroom, but I think I better wait till her germs have had time to leave the room.

I'm so tired. Perhaps I'll just sleep.

This is part three of a three part story. Please see part one and part two.

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