Some important rules to new airplane pilots:

  1. Take-offs are always optional, but landings are mandatory.
  2. If you push the yoke, the houses down there will get bigger. If you pull it, they'll get smaller, unless you keep pulling, in that case they'll get bigger again.
  3. Flying is not dangerous. Crashing the plane, on the other hand, is.
  4. It always better to be on the ground wishing to be up there than to be up there wishing to be on the ground.
  5. The only moment you can have too much fuel is when the engine is on fire.
  6. A good landing is one you get out of the plane walking. A great landing is one you can re-use the plane after.
  7. You know your landing-gears didn't work if you need full engine power to taxi the plane on the runway.
  8. Always try to make your number of take-offs match your number of landings.
  9. There are three simple rules for a soft landing. The only problem is that nobody seems to know them.
  10. Helicopters don't fly. They just happen to be so darn ugly that the earth repels them.
  11. If you can see the ground spinning through your windshield and the passengers screaming, there's definitely something wrong happening.
  12. And as a last piece of advice, remember that the ground never lost a battle against a plane.
Don't forget:

The 4 most useless things in flying:

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