The first line of every movie trailer ever written, sometime's it's a bit more location specific, such as "In a town..." or "In a city..."


"In a world where crime is king and justice is unknown..."
"In a town where thinking is against the law, one man....."
"In a world not much diffirent from our own..."

and so on....

The ultimate party game (if you don't have any alcohol or people of the opposite sex present). How many "In a world..."s can you think of? Bonus points for saying your "In a world..."ism in a deep voice.

In a world where...

  • time has no meaning
  • life and death come together
  • crime doesn't pay
  • apes evolved from men
  • hope springs eternal
  • dreams don't always come true
  • men live life on the edge
  • knowledge is power
  • learning is forbidden
  • darkness covers the land
  • honest men commit dark deeds
  • sound and light combine
  • things are not what they seem
  • fantasy and whimsy go hand in hand
  • fallacy is truth
  • the sea swallows men whole
  • love brings great risks
  • true love is hard to find
  • images speak the truth
  • twisted games reign supreme
  • the law does not apply
  • terror strikes without warning
  • technology breeds wealth
  • ink and paint inspire dreams
  • hunger gnaws at your soul
  • Good and Evil intertwine
  • being alone is being afraid
  • following your dreams means losing everything
  • the heavens confound mankind
  • one man controls everything

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