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A codec developed by Intel and purchased by the Ligos Corporation, which allows temporal compression and spatial compression as well as data rate limiting. Often produces higher quality video than Cinepak, but doesn't handle some source movies well, and is significantly more CPU-intensive. The newer versions of the code can compress up to an 8:1 ratio without any appreciable loss of quality. It's used for AVI files, Multimedia and Video Teleconferencing.

There were a number of versions of the codec including:

  • Indeo Video 3.2
  • Indeo Video 4.2
  • Indeo Video 4.5
  • Indeo Video 5.2 (current as of 2003)

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Sources: http://www.intel.com/labs/archive/indeo.htm http://www.ligos.com/indeo.htm Last Updated 05.14.03

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