Sit in this chair. You will be handed a book. The lights will go out, but we will provide you with a lamp. Begin to read the book. It will be about nature and humankind's place in it. You will hear us begin speaking to you through the speakers in the room. Continue reading. An image will appear on the floor in front of you, and piano music will begin to play. The image will become a film. The scene is of a forest bordering an urban landscape. Your chair will shake at the appropriate moments. The scent of raspberries will be faintly detectable. The lamp may flicker; this is normal. The film will coincide with the paragraphs of the book. Our spoken words were chosen to reinforce meaning and to resonate subconsciously with the words you are reading and the images and sensations you are perceiving. It will smell like rain and the music will crescendo. The figure standing at the end of the road will wave and say, "Hello!" and we will say into the speakers, "Hello!" and the book will say, "and they greeted each other." Your chair will not shake at this moment; you will feel like you are standing on that road. The speakers will play ambient noise, such as bird and city sounds. The lamp will be off but you will not notice. The bits of gravel scrape beneath your shoes. There are sprockets in your peripheral vision. The shower will have passed, and the scent of berries comes back doubled. You choose between the forest and the city, and begin to walk.

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