A Win32 multimedia authoring program advertised as the sequel to Click & Create and Multimedia Fusion Express. The software allows you to create stand-alone 'interactive applications' using object oriented programming and plugins. The program seems able to do quite a bit, but primary focus is on game development.

The whole program is designed to be simple to use, but advanced enough to let you do anything if you know what you are doing (as is any other). Adding an action to a condition is as simple as selecting the desired effect from a popup menu. Code from MSVC++ 4 can be imported, as well as ActiveX controls.

All commercial projects created with Multimedia Fusion must include the program's logo and the IMSI copyright notice unless you shell out even more cash for the professional license..

A couple notable plugins:
  • Call Dll: allows you to call dll files
  • Cursor Control
  • Multiplayer Online Object
  • Zip: Allows you to work with pkzip compatable files
A few notes:
  • Creator: Clickteam and IMSI, http://www.clickteam.com
  • Latest version: 1.2 (released June 2000)
  • License: commercial
  • Cost: $99.. an additional $299 for the pro license (USD)
  • Demo: ZDnet, clickteam.com (30mb)
  • User manual: included, PDF format

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