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A location where Native Americans bury their dead. However, this term is usually refers to a location that has infiltrated the American subconsciousness as a place harboring very bad mojo. Building your home, garage, local hospital, high school, boy scout camp, or adult bookstore over one of these is supposed to be an invitation for trouble to walk right in and smack you upside the head in a fish slapping dance of truly Lovecraftian proportions.

Supposed effects of messing with one of these places can include anything from your toilet overflowing, to the resurrection of your dead cat, to your contracting rickets, to your eventual loss of sanity, and perchance the dismemberment of your entire family with a set of pliers. Such places seem to be patently unmarked and unrecorded in local histories, and are discovered usually by local contractors completely by accident. The simple fact remains, though: whether they are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Zoroaster, Druid, monotheistic, polytheistic, white, black, yellow, red, or paisley it is probably just best to leave the dead alone, and not poke them with sticks. The results will probably be quite unpleasant.

Technically speaking, this can also be a cemetery in India.

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