A "mojo bag" denotes one of the many colored bags filled with trinkets and knick-knacks that orginated as a good luck charm of sorts in the voo doo practice.
It gained its sexual overtones from 20's blues singers due to the fact that a mojo bag is supposed to be kept on your person where no one may touch it lest they drain its potency. Men customarily wore it under their shirt while women, on the other hand, strung it off their waist so that it dangled under their skirt. So, in effect, when you claimed you touched a girls mojo, in essence you were eluding to the fact that you had your hand up her skirt.

Re: moJoe's definition, other names for it include conjure bag, hand, lucky hand, mojo bag, mojo hand, root bag, toby, and gris-gris bag.

A brand of small chewy candies in bright paper wrappers sold for about five cents. Available in the following flavours: orange, strawberry, banana, mint, and by far the most popular, cola.

A line of dj mixers created and distributed by Rane. One Mojo model is "MM 8z: Mojo Club Mixer". Its features are:
-Active crossfader
-Crossfader contour controls
-4 assignable channels (each channel can actually be connected to two outs, so you really have eight areas to manipulate, but only four can be in use at once).
-Headphone pan controls (so you can hear a little or a lot of the sound being "programmed" out, as well as what you have cued)

The Mojo MM8x sounds VERY good, very clean and clear.

Online, the term Mojo can mean

  • On Kuro5hin, "a time-weighted average of comment ratings, in order to set the 'initial' rating for each comment" (K5 FAQ). Imagine if Slashdot karma were based on the rating of the 50 comments visible on your user page. Those with Mojo above 3.5 (normal values range from 1 to 5) can rate comments with a zero.
  • The currency of Mojo Nation. You lose a huge chunk of Mojo for publishing content or searching for content. You gain Mojo only for leaving a high-bandwidth connection open to other peers. This is supposed to solve the tragedy of the commons, but all it does is turn off those with transient and/or low-bandwidth connections such as a dialup analog modem.

No, you can't buy Mojo with Mojo.

The Miscarriages of Justice Organization - a human rights organization set up by Paddy Joe Hill "...seeking to restore public confidence in the criminal justice system." It aims to provide assistance to prisoners and their families when it is believed or established that a miscarriage has occurred; to provide aftercare to victims released on acquittal; and to eliminate incompetence within the legal, judicial, and police services.

The organization currently enjoys the support of such notable celebrity do gooders as Mark Thomas, Primal Scream, Asian Dub Foundation, and the Alabama 3. Their address is

Administration Head Office
52 Outmore Road
B33 0XL


Mojo is also a British rock magazine that has taken the place formerly occupied by stablemate Q in attracting readers with very large record collections, rooted in the past but occasionally covering more recent guitar bands (Blur, Oasis, Verve etc).

You can tell an issue of Mojo a mile off - it will have either Pink Floyd or The Beatles on the cover (sometimes Jimi Hendrix or Bob Dylan) and inside will have an article on Big Star, one on Nick Drake and a 'revisionist' article pointing out that 10CC/Queeen/ELO/The Bee Gees/Abba were in fact great. On the letters page there will be a letter from an obscure 60s musician thanking Mojo for mentioning his band, a stupid factual correction, and 15 letters complaining that Destiny's Child were briefly mentioned in last month's review section.

However, Mojo is also possibly the only music magazine still to have some standards and to have decent journalism (notably the work of Charles Shaar Murray, Paul Du Noyer and Barney Hoskyns) in its pages.

Spanish-style marinade or sauce. The term "mojo" comes from "mojado," which means wet. It's usually made with vinegar, lime juice, orange juice, and various spices--lots of garlic, chile, cilantro, and all that good stuff. It's used on beef, poultry, piggy, and fish.

Mojo, n.

1. voodoo magic.
2. a magic charm or amulet.
3. personal charm or suaveness.

Etymology & Evolution of the Word

The word originated in 1920s America probably as a creole from the Gullah word moco, meaning magic or witchcraft and the Fulani word moco'o, which meant medicine man. As the term was Americanized its usage changed and soon it came to mean a man's charm with women, or vice versa. Mojo was a man's charm, that thing he used when "working his magic" talking to the ladies. Its likely that the word took on its sexual meanings from the "mojo bags" described above. The word today is applied more loosely to mean a person's particular ability to perform well in any area as well as their personal style of doing that thing.

The phrase "get my mojo going" (or sometimes "working") is an example of another usage of the word, similar in many ways to its meaning as charm.

The word is perhaps best known today because of Mike Meyers' character Austin Powers in the film series of the same name who uses the word to refer to his sexual prowess and charm. The plot of the second film in the series revolves around Austin's quest to travel back in time to retrieve his mojo which has been stolen by Dr. Evil.

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