A British comedian. He specialises in exposing the hypocricy in business and politics. A bit like Michael Moore but gets away with more. (since laws are different).

Some of his tricks include:

  • Providing a security escort (including APC) for a train containing spent nuclear fuel. You never know when those blasted terrorists may strike. Especially when the driver has to stop the train and get out to open the gates to a level crossing by hand.
  • Attending an arms fair, posing as a PR agency, got some high ranking Indonesian armed forces people to admit to torture and other similar fun and games.
  • Flying over Menwith Hill in a hot air balloon
  • Projecting words to the effect of "This is the headquarters to MI6" on the side of the alleged MI6 Headquarters. (I guess you had to be there)
  • Interviewing high up officials in many countryies and companies and getting them to make an arse of themselves.
  • Setting up an air raid siren in a town near Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant. Just in case a flock of seagulls flew overhead - there was a real risk of receiving radioactive poos
  • Lots of other things but you get the idea

His website can be wound at www.mtcp.co.uk

Mark Thomas is a stand-up comedian who has recently presented a show for Channel Four, originally titled The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, but now called The Mark Thomas Product. An increasingly small amount of this program is devoted to stand-up, with the bulk of it going toward Thomas's own brand of investigative journalism. This involves either performing a publicity stunt (such as those listed above) or interviewing somebody whose actions or policies he dislikes, usually under false pretences.

Sometimes these are funny (such as hiding in the toilet of a train with a radio transmitter, and making fake announcements about what bastards Railtrack are) but some were fairly stupid and pedantic (see above). The way he has to find a new issue for every show occasionally leads to misfiring episodes. He has managed to piss off Robin Cook on several occasions, and Jack Straw not nearly enough. Prior to starting his crusade, he appeared (?) in the radio version of The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

Chris Morris, who could be seen as working in a similar area to Thomas at times, seems to dislike him, describing him once as "that little man who harasses receptionists". The main difference between the two is that Morris places a higher priority on comedy than on having a right-on message. I prefer Morris, although I find both highly entertaining.

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