When I was little, my parents taught me how to stick out my tongue and make farting noises at commercials, and I never quite got over it. The following story is old news, (1998), but it's new to me:

Coca-Cola ran a competition asking several schools to come up with a strategy for distributing Coke coupons to students. The prize was $500. Greenbriar High School in Evans, Georgia went so far as to call for an official Coke Day, with every one wearing branded T-shirts and listening to the lectures of visiting company executives. 19-year-old Mike Cameron, (wonder what he's doing now...), was discovered to be wearing a Pepsi shirt, and was promptly suspended.

There an interview with Mike Cameron at http://www.fadetoblack.com/interviews/mikecameron/

He basically did it just to do it. A clip from the article appears below...

What was the initial reaction of the school officials?

The first thing the officials did was send the assistant principal to my classroom to get me. He took me to his office and told me some B.S. about messing up the picture, or something like that, I don't really remember my conversation with him. He then told me that I was going to be the first student to be sent to the all ruling high and mighty principal. When I went into her office she gave me a speech about how I may have lost the school $500. Note this was the most important problem with what I did, it must have been, it was the first thing out of her mouth. Then she said something about how I damaged the picture, that this was an important day for the whole student body, and we all wanted this day to happen. But I don't remember being asked if I wanted this day. She then told me that I had a choice not to be involved, she said all I had to do was ask. Usually if someone asks not to be involved in something they are told they have to. The whole time she was giving me this lecture I just sat in the chair looking around, and I noticed about 20 12-packs of Coke sitting by a book shelf in her office. She never made eye contact with me, I loved that part. I just had this little grin on my face, because I know I shouldn't get in trouble for this. I'm sure that made her madder. At the end she told me that she was too upset to make good judgement about what to do. She then said she would later call my parents about this. Then the story goes on for about two weeks.

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