Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Atari
Model Number: n/a
Atari rarity guide: 10 Extremely Rare+ (Other sources list this as a prototype, but I disagree. It was a finished game.)
Year of Release: 1981?
Programmer: Uncredited

This game was a special version of Space Invaders that Coca-Cola had made as a giveaway for its employees. The normal monsters are replaced with letters that spell out the word PEPSI, and the UFO was replaced with a Pepsi logo. The words "Coke Wins" adorned the top of the screen.

There were only 125 copies of this game made. All of them were given away to Coca-Cola employees at their Atlanta plant. No box or manual was ever produced. This game is sometimes referred to as "Coke and Pepsi".

Collectors Information

This game is valued at around $500 USD (price current as of September 2001).

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