It's true. Pepsico and the Coca-Cola corporation actively pursue exclusive vending contracts with colleges, and now high schools. A few years ago, Dartmouth was a land of peaceful coexistence between the Coke products and the Pepsi products. No longer. The Pepsi products have been terminated with extreme prejudice; now all our soda is Coke, and all our juice is Minute Maid (at least in the dining halls). The convenience store sells some Pepsi products, but there is nary a Pepsi machine to be found on campus.

Corporate advertising all over school really sucks.

PepsiCo has enticed California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo over to the dark side by promises of money and "support of student activities". This means that they provide banners for campus clubs that also have Pepsi corporate logos all over them. All of the Coke machines on campus were kill -9ed, whether they were student-owned or not, and summarily replaced.

Pepsi may also be bribing the Campus Foundation (the not for profit university corporation that manages to bring down a metric butt-load of cash and disappear it into god only knows where) on a monthly basis in order to keep their campus monopoly.

Not that anyone who doesn't go to Cal Poly SLO really cares or anything...

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