A juggling implement shaped a little like a bowling pin, but with a proper handle on it.

Now... clubs are not things you can just pick up and juggle with... learning clubs usually takes a bit of practice and patience. So to start, just pick up one club.

Hold the club about halfway down the handle; don't hold it near the knob, that doesn't give you any control. Hold it at belly-button level, throw it up in the air so that it spins once ('single spin'), then catch it again. Now do that again, but throwing from one hand into the other.

Well done. Keep doing that. And do it some more, after that. You can try throwing it higher and spinning it twice ('double spin') as well, if you want. The whole point is that club juggling involves both juggling the clubs and spinning the clubs. You want to get the spinning part happening pretty much subconsciously.

Ok, now you can try the second one. Hold one in your left hand, one in your right. Throw the club from your left hand into your right, and as it nears the top of its arc, throw the right hand club from right to left. They will almost certainly hit each other. If they don't, then the second club will have not enough spin, and will end up the wrong way round in your left hand. (Or you will drop it.) If neither happens, and you end up with both clubs in the opposite hands, and the right way round, I hate you. It took me weeks to get this!

Only when you can do this smoothly and consistently (well, fairly consistently) should you try the three club cascade, because you'll only end up tearing your hair out if you try to hurry it. Take your time! Juggling should be fun! *snork*

Learning to juggle clubs is one part of juggling which is definitely not fun. It's tedious, annoying, and your thumbs turn into silly putty from getting hit with the knob too much. (As you reach out for the club wrongly once again.) But stick with it, because club juggling looks absolutely amazing, no matter what tricks you can't do... 8^)

One of the four suits in a standard pack of playing cards. Shown by a collection of three solid black circles.

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