Oh Lady, pretty lady
Would you care to take my hand
Fly with me toward the starlight
Into never-never land?

I will show you such adventures
Things beyond your wildest dreams
We will climb the highest mountains
We will swim in crystal streams

We will ride into the sunset
We will catch the pale moon's light
We will dance as dawn is breaking
We will spin into the night

We'll lie naked by the seashore
We will watch the dolphins play
We will dive for pearls and coral
The waves will kiss us with their spray

Oh lady, don't I tempt you?
You'll be feted and admired
Never woman in existence
Would be so wanted or desired

Sex will be an act of worship
I'll enflame you with my kiss
My insistent soft caresses
Will show you beauty, give you bliss

I will drive you mad with pleasure
Watch you writhe beneath my touch
I will love you without ceasing
Till you cry "Oh gods, too much!"

We'll explore your darkest wishes
Make your fantasies come true
There is nothing you can think of
That I will not give to you

Oh Lady, lovely lady
Is that surrender in your eyes?
Then reach out and take my hand love
That's all it takes to claim this prize

You won't regret it, my sweet Lady
Though you give up your control
For I ask so very little
Just your heart, your mind, your soul.

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