I think I understand. Shake a person up enough and what they thought was a personality starts to seperate. We can be anything.

I'm a page-three girl. I'm a Warhol superstar. I'm a dyke. I'm a riot grrrl. I'm the queen of sex. I'm a housewife with a jar of rat poison.

Kill Your Boyfriend is a comic created by Grant Morrison and Phillip Bond. It's a short, modern comedy written by Grant Morrison and pencilled by Phillip Bond. A Vertigo publication, it's probably the best graphic novel that you can buy for six dollars.

Kill Your Boyfriend follows a young, teenage girl from a third-person viewpoint with asides. She's sick of her life, her boyfriend, her parents, the way things are.

She goes to school learning information that she doesn't care for. Going through useless processes of tests.

I don't understand the point of homework. It's like school following you home and harassing you when you're trying to watch the telly. If it was a person, you could have them arrested.

Her boyfriend is a geeky, somewhat conservative boy who would rather read his fantasy books and watch porn then really spend any time with her.

Her parents try to hide truths from her, sneak into her room, and give her no trust whatsoever. With their own past so unclear who are they to judge.

Mother: I don't believe this! This year is becoming a nightmare. Granddad's dead and you're having sex behind our backs.
Daughter: I suppose you'd rather I had it in front of you. I haven't had sex with anyone. I probably never will.

Then she meets up with a man who doesn't follow the consensual rules, the lust of her life. He follows a code of conduct of his own, a very malleable one. After she talks about her life, the first thing that goes on their agenda is to kill her boyfriend.

The story is a non-typical love story with a view into the self and community. It goes through the ideas of the things that make up ourselves, and how we can strip it bare and be whatever we want. It's simply a fun story of sex, murder, drugs, and who we are or what we could be.

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